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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekend activity

Last weekend we headed south to Oslo to help our daughter and her boyfriend to move to a larger apartment.  My mom came along to help out, and we had a fun and busy weekend with multiple trips to IKEA....  Some assembly required- but lots of fun!
Kristine and her boyfriend are both Geology students, and we did some heavy lifting as quite a few boxes contained lots of rocks 😅 They are both working on their masters degree now, and Kristine will be finished in June. Just the home stretch left now, and she will be finished with her degree at the age of 24.  We are really proud of her!  They collect different minerals, and have some pretty cool looking rocks, I should have taken some close ups of them- but didn't think of it at the time we were there.

The view through their kitchen window as we left on Sunday- still some unpacking to do, but all in all we did get most of it done during the weekend.

I just had to share this cute sewiwgmachine we saw in a room display at IKEA- I really wanted to bring it home with me!!  LOVE the color!
Today we got up early to watch the winter Olympics- now well be heading out skiing before I can enter the sewing room and get some sewing done.
Hope you all have a great Sunday!


Sunday, February 4, 2018

January 2018

So it has been a whole year since my last blog post- what in the world happened??? 
2017 was a busy year with lots of working and sewing.  Now I really miss being able to look back at my blog to see what I made, and when I made it.... So here I go again- trying to start blogging again....  
In January I made the Country Revival quilt by Sew Kind of Wonderful.  This was such a fun quilt to sew.  It looks complicated, but has the same shapes all over, just with different color placement- super fun!!  It is now at my Longarmer, Merete to get quilted.  I can't wait to see what she does with the quilting!!

Next up in January I made this little bag- The Cube by Penny Sturges.  This was a fun bag to sew, and it is just so cute!!  Perfect for bringing along my hand sewing, or as a makeup bag.

Next up I made this jelly roll quilt with the cutest Jelly roll: Hello My Friend by Sandy Gervais ( Moda fabrics)  In this picture I haven't actually sewn the blocks together yet.... but this quilt top is also away for quilting right now.  I love using precuts- they are so easy to work with- and I don't need to spend the cutting before I start sewing :-)

I had a long train ride going to Lillestroem and back home for a trade show- and brought this knitting project with me.  It is still inter and super cold here ( -32C today) so it is already in use!
Well, if anybody should happen to stumble upon my blog again and read this- thank you for stopping by, and please leave a comment if you feel like it!
Take care!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Octagon Shimmer quilt finished!

I am thrilled to finally have my Octagon Shimmer quilt finished!   It didn't take very long to make, and my quilter, Merete had it done in a flash- but it has been waiting for me to bind it for a couple of months now..... I finally found the time to get it done, and I am very happy with the result.  This was such a refreshing and fun quilt to make, so I might just make another one in different colors.  I can see a lot of options here.... First I need to finish up a few other WIP's though :-)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

New year means finishing up a few projects...

We are a week into the new year, and I am trying to finish a few WIP's.  I made these dilly dally blocks a few months ago, and got sidetracked so I never got around to sew them together.  ( pattern by Camille Roskelley)

Now I finally got around to finish the quilt top, and it is hanging on the banister along with a few other tops who needs to be quilted....  I made fewer blocks than the pattern called for since I wanted a smaller quilt.  Not sure when I will get around to quilt it, but at least I am one step further...
Moving along, I had some binding to do on my Octagon Shimmer quilt, beautifully quilted by the talented Merete at Merete's quilteloft This is a big quilt, so I'll probably spend a couple of evenings in front of the TV finishing the binding.  Can't wait for it to be finished though, I really like this quilt, and it will look nice on our living room wall :-)

When we were on vacation in December I brought some hand sewing with me, and thought I'd get a lot done..... Well.... I didn't! So I have finished the applique on this first block, and need to start stitching the rest.  This is such a cute pattern by Natalie Bird of the Birdhouse  The pattern is called the Happy Stitcher and is super cute!
It feels good to be able to spend some time in my sewing room again.  Hope to finish up a few more WIP's, and as always I have plenty of new projects lined up....
Thanks for stopping by, hope your day is great!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Thank you Jenny!

Christmas is finally here, and I could open the main gift in the SSCS swap.  Jenny made me this lovely table topper, and she even included a pretty kangaroo bookmark and a Minnie Mouse appliqué!
The tabletop fits perfect on my side table, it is soo pretty!!  I love the card with Santa and his surfboard, it is a big contrast to our winter here!
From our house to your house- I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas!

Sunday, December 11, 2016


Sorry I haven't been posting lately.... I am just enjoying a couple of weeks off in a warmer climate....
A week in Islamorada, then a week in Cocoa Beach.... Not much quilt related to post I'm afraid, but I did send off my SSCS gifts before we left for Florida. I hope it will arrive soon 😃

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Thank you Jenny!

I just received my SSCS gift today, and Jenny in Australia is my secret Santa.  Thank you so much Jenny!  I LOVE how she wrapped the gifts in Mickey Mouse wrapping paper.  She obviously knows me well .... lol

Look at this cute Christmas card :-)  I guess Santa gets around on a kangaroo in Australia :-)  How cute is that!!

This is the lovely ornament Jenny made for me.  It is super pretty!  

She even sent me this awesome Aussie keychain, I love it!!
Thank you again Jenny, now I can't wait for Christmas to arrive so I can open the last gift :-)

My husband and I just got home from a 2 week vacation last night, and I thought I had written a blog post while we were away, but it's not showing up here..... I was using my iPad and the blogger app, and I haven't used that in ages- does anyone else use the app to write posts?  I just wonder what I did wrong....
Thanks for stopping by, hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for Christmas!


Thursday, November 17, 2016

From Texas to Florida

Quilt Market was busy and fun as always, and this was one of my favorite quilts there! I see one of these being made in my near future.... ( pattern and fabric by Zen Chic for Moda)

After our busy days in Houston we headed to Orlando for some fun in the sun :-)  Breakfast with a view!  We rented a house so we had plenty of space, and our own pool, nice!  It was great to unwind and run around shopping.....

Of course we had to visit quilt shops!  This is Heartfelt quilting and sewing in Kissimmee.  They had a lovely shop and they were super nice!  Did I buy anything?  Well, yes of course I did... LOL

Here we are outside the quilt shop, Merete, Karin and me. 

Of course I had to show them the beach- so we headed to Cocoa Beach for a few hours.  Lunch at the Cocoa Beach Pier was great!  We could eat, get sun and watch the surfers all at the same time.  The burger was awesome by the way!

Love the chairs on the pier, I'd like one just like this at home ( maybe in a different color though....)

After eating we headed don to the beach.  The water was great, not too cold at all even if it was November.  We managed a long walk on the beach as well.

Before we drove back to Orlando I had to take Merete and Karin to Ron Jon Surf Shop- Such a cool place, and check out their Christmas tree....

One of the goals for our Florida detour was the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend.  Merete and I ran Mickeys Holiday 5K through Disney's Animal Kingdom very early Friday morning ( 6.30AM) Lots of people and lots of fun!

And we even have the bling to prove we ran :-)
Thank you for joining me Merete, I had a blast!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Back home again!

Houston was a blast!  We had a great and busy few days there for quilt Market!  Of course we were all sewing superheroes while we were there....!

Wenche of Northern Quilts showed her new line for Moda, which will be released in 2017.   It is a really wonderful Christmas collection with roots in Norwegian traditions.  Wenche is such a great person and it is always lovely to meet her!  Can't wait to get her new line in the shop!

Another favorite is Heather Givans of Crimson Tate. I LOVE her coming fabric line "Literary" with Wyndham fabrics.  This whole fabric line will be in our shop in April- yeeey!  I really want to make the book quilt, isn't it great??

More fun stuff- Love the Quick Curve rulers and the QCR patterns- this strawberry quilt just screams summer to me!  Might just have to make that one as well....

If you have been to our shop you know I love Tim Holtz and his awesome eclectic elements fabrics.  They are just the coolest fabrics for making bags and purses, and I love the vintage feel and fun prints.  He always has such a fun booth with awesome details!
So how is everyone doing on their SSCS swap sewing??  I need to get off the computer and get sewing now- my suitcases are unpacked, and I am ready to sew!
Thank you for stopping by :-)


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A finish!

Well, I did quilt my small table topper, the only thing left is hand stitching the binding down, but that will have to wait until after my trip to the States.

So instead of finishing my table topper completely I decided I needed a new wallet for my trip....
I used the Necessary Clutch Wallet pattern, and it was super easy to follow!

My finished wallet matches my bag I made last year... you can see that post here

This past weekend the shop had a stand and workshops at the "kofte weekend" ( traditional knitting) at the Savalen hotel and spa, so I started a new jacket for myself.... not sure when it will be finished though..... It was a really nice weekend with lots of knitters.

We even visited Santa Claus- did you know he lives very close to me??  This is his mailroom- lots of letters for him to read!
This is Santa's house at Savalen- just needs snow and it will be perfect!  
I have some secret sewing going on as well for the SSCS swap..... this is my 10th year in the swap, and I am super excited!!!!  It is so much fun to make something for my partner :-)  
Well, I'm off to work, then this afternoon we are heading to Gardermoen since our flight to Houston leaves super early tomorrow morning.  I am really looking forward to Market- I'll try to write a post while I'm there!
Thank you for stopping by!